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Come to the Mountain View Arts Festival - another great Signature Event in Didsbury Alberta!
Come to Didsbury Alberta - Where you'll find art, jewellery designers, dancers, and beautiful photography!
4th Annual Scarecrows on Parade 2017, 1st Annual Bench Fair table from the 2017 Arts Festival.  
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Join in on the Fun!
Scarecrow Competition | Bench Fair | Chalk Artists

The beauty of the Mountain View Arts Festival is that we offer tons of free, hands-on activities that invite the public to participate during the festival, as well as before! Follow this page to see what you can do during the summer so you're ready for the Arts Festival come September!

5th Annual Scarecrows on Parade!
This scarecrow welcomed everyone to the Museum grounds.It's harvest time, and so it only makes sense that there be Scarecrows, and that's exactly what's happening at the Didsbury Museum - in fact, it'll be a PARADE of scarecrows!! The Didsbury Museum hosts the Scarecrows on Parade Competition, and invites everyone to put their artistic thinking caps on and plan their scarecrow(s) this summer.

Not only do organizations and individuals have fun entering the competition, but the Town of Didsbury Council has challenged other area Town Councils to see which community can create the best scarecrow!

Scarecrows will be on display at the Didsbury Museum from September 4 to 8. They must be at the Museum by Friday, the 7th. Please call (403-335-9295 or 403-335-3633) before you come so someone can be there to assist you with set up.

$50 Cash Prizes will be awarded in these 6 different categories:

  • Children under 12
  • Students 12 and over
  • Families
  • Adults
  • Businesses
  • Organizations

At the Festival, come over and vote for your favourite scarecrow and take pictures with these creative characters. Winners will be announced at the Museum on Saturday afternoon.

2nd Annual Bench Fair
Nothing is more useful and necessary for planning our future than knowledge of the past. And that's what the Museum and Library in Didsbury are doing again at this year's Mountain View Arts Festival - leading the charge as a return to our roots featuring the hobbies of the past - by introducing a mini Bench Fair!!

But what is a Bench Fair?

Some of the prize winners from the 2017 Bench show in Didsbury.Historically, country fairs were created to solve the problems of distribution and offered an opportunity for the demonstrations of skills and crafts, for the exchange of ideas, and for the bartering of goods.

In our region, this all began in the late 1890s, when farmers arranged their products on and about the platform of the CPR railway station. The Bench Fair provided a place for friendly competition, and that's what's happening again here at Didsbury's Bench Fair during the Arts Festival - a return to showcasing our talents in handicrafts and artwork.

Nowadays, it is important to design shows that highlight and preserve skills and talents that may be disappearing with technology and the nuclear family.

First thing you need to do is check out the Prize List to see what classes you might want to enter. There's classes for articles made of duct tape, fairy gardens, rock painting, woodwork, knitting, sewing, art, photography, and even a wildflower/weed bouquet! Classes are open for all ages, and there is no entry fee!

Ribbons will be awarded for all classes in these five different age groups:

  • 5 and under
  • 6 to 12
  • 13 to 17
  • Adult
  • Senior 65+

Some items will be displayed at the Library and some at the Museum, so check the Prize List for the right location. Items need to be brought in before 12 pm on Wednesday, September 5th to allow time for judging before the Festival, September 7th & 8th.

Admission by Donation
Wheelchair/Stroller Accessible
Free Parking | Free Shuttle

Thanks to our Scarecrows on Parade Sponsors

First Place Realty
John & Marylee Kohut
Longhorn Painting
Top Note Music School
Zion Thrift Store

Even More Hands-On Activities for You!

Chalk-A-Holics Unite!
Come to the Train Station
to "Chalk It Up!"
Details here

Artist Carlie Marsh is from the Didsbury area.


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The Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program was created to help you celebrate your community, its past and its present.

Situated where the foothills of the Canadian Rockies meet the fertile plains, Mountain View County is in the heart of Alberta's Calgary - Edmonton corridor.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts provides support to arts organizations, giving them the power to inspire minds, encourage expression, foster creativity, and contribute to Alberta's economy.

Venues sponsored by the Town of Didsbury. Stay overnight at the Rosebud Valley Campground at the east entrance to Didsbury. The Didsbury Museum has artifacts from the homestead days, clothing, household items, farming equipment, a school room, medical room, general store, military roll of honour, and a 1907 Cast Iron Safe. Visit our museum today! In Partnership with the Didsbury Municipal Library We're on twitter! Follow us at MVArtsFest today! We're on twitter! Follow us at MVArtsFest today!